Terms & Conditions

FPI Fireplace Products International Ltd. manufactures its Regency® family of fireplaces, stoves and inserts to the highest possible quality and safety standards. We build and test our appliances with great care. We believe that to ensure the highest installation standards and customer satisfaction, the homeowner should visit a specialty hearth store, to discuss their fireplace needs with an experienced retailer.

Hearth products are complicated, technologically sophisticated appliances. Every brand has its own unique characteristics and requirements. We have spent many years seeking out the best hearth product dealers in your area so that we could be sure that your new Regency® fireplace, stove or insert is installed professionally, courteously, and most of all, safely.

To ensure these standards of customer satisfaction, FPI will not permit any of its authorized retailers to sell Regency® products over the internet. We continue to encourage the use of the internet to promote fireplace products and Dealer stores. We believe, however, that the direct selling on the internet is irresponsible and fails to deliver the high level of customer service that only a visit to an authorized Regency® retailer can deliver.

Any authorized Regency® retailer posting prices and making offers for sale on the internet will be asked to stop immediately or risk losing its dealership. We are confident that careful management of this important medium will result in our customers investing in the right product to fulfill their needs and provide lasting enjoyment of this fire for many years.