Digital Forms & Digital Adoption

Regency is making significant investments in digital tools and processes, simplifying old systems and updating them with newer, better tools and techniques to make your life easier. Slowly but surely, we are getting away from paper, faxes, and scanned documents and towards digital forms, full-service platforms, and mobile-based business operations.

With Regency, you get a forward-looking company that is working every day to make your life easier.

Online Warranty Claim – Coming Soon

Our updated warranty claim process allows for faster submission and better visibility into the status of your customer’s warranty claims. Keep informed with automated updates as your claim is processed. Submit claims while on-site. No more scanning paper forms and photos – enjoy a faster and easier warranty claim process with online submission and monitoring.

Online Co-Op Claims – Coming Soon

Claim your co-op dollars online, see how much is accrued in your account, and claim anytime with the new updated online co-op form. Submit as you incur costs, and as soon as you have enough credit in your account to cover the claims, you will be paid out—simplified submission & better visibility into claims than ever before.

A Transformation to Digital

2020 has forced everyone to adopt. This year was a great push for our industry, and at Regency, we plan to continue the push toward digital adoption for simplicity and convenience. Stay tuned for more digital adoption measures from Regency in 2021 & beyond…