Getting Started is Easier Than Ever

No Showroom, No Problem!

Unlike most other high-end manufacturers, Regency doesn’t require you have an active showroom to be a dealer. This means there are zero upfront costs to getting started – all it takes is a little time. Regency understands that sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have a showroom, especially for smaller operations, such as chimney sweeps, so we offer truck-friendly options that allow you to do everything from quoting, ordering, and installing – all from your vehicle. Expand your business and increase profits by becoming a Regency dealer today.


  • Make margin on a high-end product
  • Quick & Easy installation built into product design resulting in time-savings & fewer callbacks
  • Expand your offerings and leverage your existing client database to get up and running quickly


  • Deal directly with the manufacturer, no distributors or middlemen
  • Experience Regency’s Superior Service with our highly-experienced, dedicated Sales Team

Still not sure? There is zero risk to becoming a Regency dealer.


Service, Quality, Reliability & Innovation

These four characteristics define everything Regency does. From providing top-notch service to our dealers & customers to building innovative, reliable, and high-quality products you can be proud of—thicker-gauge steel, heavy-duty door hinges & locks, larger glass viewing areas & so much more. Our expanded innovation center houses our R&D team of designers, engineers & specialists who work tirelessly, ensuring that every Regency that rolls of our production floor is built to the same exacting standards that continue to be the hallmark of Regency Fireplaces. We are so confident in our products that we can offer the industry’s best, limited lifetime warranty so you and your customers can rest easy knowing that your Regency will work right from the first time to the thousandth time and well beyond.


Order everything from one place, limiting admin time/costs & increasing profits

  • Order everything you need from one place (unit, liner, accessories etc.)
    • Full-length liners available direct from Regency for all products
    • Pre-determined freight rates so you know exactly how much you’ll pay
  • Offer a full Line of EPA Certified Wood Product
    • Both Hybrid & Non-Catalytic Wood Stoves and Inserts
    • Choose from more Non-Catalytic models than any other manufacturer.
    • Industry Leading Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Offer a full line of Gas Fireplace Products
    • Gas Inserts, Direct Vent Fireplaces & Freestanding Gas Stoves
    • Natural Gas, Propane, Cast Iron & Steel options available


  • From Manuals to Marketing & Training, We Have You Covered

    • Quoting & Pricing Made Easy (Fireplace Design Center)
      • Get access to our dealer Fireplace Design Center
      • Quickly & easily prepare quotes from your truck (including custom line items for install pricing & markups)
      • Everything is online so no updates to pricing or part numbers required
      • Quickly turn quotes into orders with fast email ordering
    • Dedicated Dealer Website (Regency Ignite) – New & Improved <Link to Ignite>
      • Instant access to all Regency marketing materials, current & discontinued manuals, & more
      • Technical/Installation Videos & Resources for in-field support
      • A mobile-friendly website that puts all technical information in the palm of your hand
      • Quickly look up products, part numbers, pricing, & technical specs for any Regency product.
    • Proven Marketing Strategies to Help You Grow
      • Regency’s In-house advertising team helps to promote your business
      • Available turnkey digital marketing services <link to DEALs>
      • Automated lead generation, qualification & nurturing <link to lead nurturing>
      • Available self-serve postcard mailing platform with professional templates <link to DM>
      • Professionally designed marketing materials available year-round to help you stand out
    • Advanced Training to Minimize Callbacks & Maximize Revenue
      • Quickly access factory-trained troubleshooting technical support
      • Both Physical and Virtual Regency Training – get professional training credits
        • Virtual Training – limit your time out of the field
        • Full library of on-demand training videos

Not Yet a Dealer? Become a dealer & discover how flexible a partnership with Regency can be.