Self-serve Direct Mail System

Creating a targeted direct mail campaign is easy and effective with Regency’s new direct mail platform. With direct mail, you can reach every household in your target market to drive leads and sales. The entire process is done online from beginning to end. The online tool provides free customizable Regency templates to choose from, with access to a graphic designer to make it your own. Our online direct mail targeting tool allows you to identify which neighborhoods you would like to reach using specific demographic and location targeting data.


Traditionally, direct mail has been a challenging, time-consuming process for dealers without the assistance of manufacturers or a marketing agency. Without always having access to a graphic designer, it can cost a lot (especially for small runs), targeting with direct mail can be a lot of work and overwhelming, and then there’s simply the question of where to start.

With Regency’s new self-serve direct mail platform, we have done the leg work for you. All you have to do is log in and start building your campaign using one of our professionally designed templates and cost-effective pricing. Simplify your marketing efforts with Regency’s cost-effective and straightforward self-serve direct mail system.


Once an account has been set up, creating & sending your direct mail pieces is as easy as the following 4-steps:

  • Target Your Audience
  • Enter in your showroom address and postal/zip code
  • Select a radius or drive time you would like to target near your showroom
  • Choose demographic targeting in your area
    Household Income, Age, Type of Home, etc.
  • Select Your Postal Routes
  • Based on your audience criteria, a map will be populated showing the postal routes and how well the demographics match what you have selected
  • Pick & choose the routes that best suit your goals & add up to the total amount of desired mailers
  • Select Your Mailer Size/Artwork
  • Choose from one of our professionally designed templates for your sale, promotion, or other advertising needs. Each template allows for some customization that will be completed with the mailing house before completion
  • Schedule Your Delivery
  • Choose when you want your mailers to go out, whether you want them split into multiple drops and if you want any extras shipped directly to you

Once you have scheduled your delivery, all you have to do is pay using your credit card. Within a couple of business days, a member of the printing company will reach out to finalize all the details, apply any customizations to the selected template, and provide proofs for your mailers before they go out!


Regency has updated our flyer program. To make the program more responsive, we will work with any dealer to create a custom flyer and source the most cost-effective local printer/newspaper solution for your flyer or other print advertising needs.

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