Advanced Lead Collection & Nurturing

Regency has invested significantly in creating an entire ecosystem that finds potential leads, captures them, and nurtures them into strong, ready-to-purchase leads. With an extensive library of articles, videos, and how-to’s, we have curated a marketing funnel unmatched in the industry. Our team works hard to continually build & improve this funnel and put it to use for you. Get high-quality, ready-to-buy leads with Regency’s advanced lead collection & nurturing programs.


From the point a person visits a Regency website to the point of becoming a sale, we help to qualify and educate them, so by the time they are assigned to a dealer, they are a ‘hot’ lead and ready to buy. We focus on educating leads based on where they are in the buyer’s journey.

Using data, input from our sales team, dealers, and a whole lot of testing – we have developed a process that provides the right materials to leads at the right time; resulting in close rates 3x – 5x higher than industry benchmarks. As a dealer, this means better leads and more sales. When you get a lead from Regency, you know it’s ready to buy – jump on it quick and capture the sale.


The key to a strong lead program is ensuring a balance between the number of leads and the quality of leads being sent to dealers. Regency has developed its own proprietary lead scoring algorithm that ensures that the leads being passed to our dealers are genuine, ready-to-buy consumers – eliminating the tire kickers.

Sell More with Regency’s advanced lead program.


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