In 2021 Regency is continuing its push for consumer choice, flexibility, and simplified installation. Our new products are all designed from the ground up to ensure customers can get the look they want while creating simplified and streamlined installation processes for dealers.

We are working hard to better serve homeowners and our dealers with our new products that are easy to install, easy to service, and durable. Our new products are made to the same exacting standards you have come to expect from Regency and are backed by the industry’s best warranties.

Our team is working hard every day to make products that match what homeowners and dealers are asking for, and we are confident with our new and existing products you will make Regency your go-to brand of the future.




First, on behalf of all of the employees at Regency, I would like to extend our gratitude for your continued support over the past year as we have made our way though the pandemic. As we look to the 2021 season, there are so many reasons to be optimistic with a return to normal on the horizon.

The pandemic has presented many challenges, as you are all so very aware; together we’ve witnessed global supply chains being stretched, business interruptions, and unprecedented demand for home improvement products. While this has resulted in a some longer than normal wait times for products, Regency has been working extremely hard to ensure we are able to continue being a reliable supplier and business partner. Many of the changes we have made as a company, will continue to strengthen our ability to have the quality product you want, when you want it.

Regency’s R&D teams have been working on bringing several new products to market over the past year and throughout 2021. Our new products for 2021 expand on some of our most popular product lines ensuring you have more options to meet your customers’ needs. We look forward to bringing new insert options in wood, gas and electric that exceed both customer expectations and environmental regulations.

We are excited for our new Vision 2021 brochure providing a glimpse into the new products and programs Regency has to offer and with your continued support, 2021 promises to be an incredible year.

Kind Regards,

Glen Spinelli